The VALAC monitored approximately 50 bills introduced in the General Assembly in the 2011 legislative session.  The following two are the most significant new laws which will affect every day life for those who are running community associations.


1.       General District Court judges can issue injunction orders to abate violations of the covenants and rules….very unique for the judges in those courts.  The education process for the judges has begun and will need to continue. This is a big cost saving to the associations as General District Court is far less formal in its processes than the Circuit Court and cases move much more quickly. 

2.       With respect to resale packages, there have been a couple significant changes in the statutes: Where settlement of a real estate sales contract does not occur, House Bill 2188 decreases from 90 to 45 days the time when a seller of a condominium unit or lot will be responsible for the payment of all allowable fees related to the preparation of the disclosure packet/resale certificate provided by the association. Also the new law provides that all fees, including those costs that would have otherwise been the responsibility of the purchaser or settlement agent, shall be assessed within one year after delivery of the same against the unit owner. 

The Virginia Legislative Action Committee of CAI actively supported both of  these bills. 

For more information on all new laws see the Legislative Action Committee website: and view the latest bill tracking chart under Legislative Alerts and Updates.