We are being deluged with questions about pools.  But in the many emails and conversations, we are developing and hearing some good ideas that can be shared.  Although we have tried to discourage the use of Association pool furniture and have encouraged “Bring Your Own” policies, some clients have gone to single use covers on furniture and others are using signs or devices which can be flipped from green to red to indicate when something has been disinfected for use.  Of those who are opening (and this is understandably a small number), many are dealing with the screening requirement with logs to allow owners to self-assess and report their findings in written form. Still another screening option is a new online service for pools and other community association facilities at www.mycovidscreener.com.  I evaluated their website and screening tools and they are Virginia compliant.  Owners conduct the interactive screening on their cell phones and records are maintained of their responses.  To the extent enforceable, waiver of liability provisions are part of the screening.   

If you’ve run across some great ideas for Phase 3 reopening, we would love to hear about them and share them.  We are all in this together!